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Too many date nights with your Kindle and a glass of wine got you wondering “what’s wrong with me?” Let’s get one thing straight

You, my friend, are F.I.R.E.

 You’re attractive, intelligent, and driven to find your own definition of freedom: spiritual, financial, and mental. Sooo… the real reason you’re still single?

… Maybe you’re trying too hard at the wrong things — investing too much energy in what your dream guy or girl might think of you and too little in your own growth.

Because let’s be real, you can’t attract an ideal partner without being your own ideal partner first: honoring your interests, honing your strengths, and setting yourself up for a lifetime of success.

Might just be because of your approach…


this 4-minute quiz to discover your Singles Playbook — your key to getting clear on your values and vision and making the absolute most of your single season. So when your person comes along there’s nothing holding you back 💯